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Apr 13, 2021

Welcome to geospatial jobs newsletter by me, Ali Ahmadalipour (@hydroclimali on Twitter). I am a principal data scientist at KatRisk. I have been studying and working on earth sciences (i.e. hydrology, climate change, satellite remote sensing, and geospatial analytics) for several years, and I have had the chance to learn about many companies in this sector. The geospatial job opportunities are still limited and require specific skillsets, but the sector is quite promising and substantially growing. In this newsletter series, I will share about open positions in various companies (for now, mostly data science/machine learning opportunities in the US), useful skills and topics to learn to stand out, and snippets on industry updates, and more.

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Current open positions:

a. Data Science / ML Engineering:

  1. 🌽 Climate Corporation is hiring a Data scientist/ML engineer (📍San Francisco, CA or Seattle, WA): Link to position

  2. 🌽 Pattern Ag is hiring an Agronomic Lead (📍Bay Area, CA or Central Midwest): Link to position

  3. 🛰️ Descartes Labs is hiring an Applied Scientist + multiple software/data engineers (📍Remote, US): Link to positions

  4. 🌊🔥 AIR is hiring for multiple data science positions (ML engineer, CAT modeler, agriculture/financial risk modeler) in 📍Boston, MA + 2 CAT modeling analysts in 📍Hyderabad, India: Link to positions

  5. 🔥 Kettle is hiring a few Senior Data Scientists (📍Remote, US): Link to position

  6. 🌊🔥 Jupiter Intelligence is hiring a software engineer (📍San Mateo, CA): Link to position

  7. 🌊 Cloud to Street is hiring a Machine Learning Engineer (📍Brooklyn, NY): Link to position

  8. 🌧️ Tomorrow.io (formerly ClimaCell) is hiring for two scientists (data assimilation and NWP) in 📍Boston, MA or Boulder, CO + two atmospheric scientists and one python developer in 📍India: Link to open positions

  9. 💨 CarbonPlan is hiring for a software/data engineer (📍Remote locations in Pacific and Mountain time zones): Link to position

  10. 💨 Pachama is hiring a ML Engineer and a Forest Remote Sensing Specialist (📍San Francisco, CA): Link to positions

  11. 💨🌲 SilviaTerra is hiring a Data Scientist - Natural Resource Econometrics (📍Remote, US): Link to position

  12. 💨😷 OpenAQ is hiring a Senior Software Engineer (📍Remote, US): Link to position

  13. 🖥️ Oak Ridge National Lab is hiring a Computational Scientist, Earth System Predictability (📍Oak Ridge, TN): Link to position

b. Postdoc/research positions:

  1. 🧑‍🏫 Research Associate II position at World Research Institute (WRI) on improving land monitoring (📍Washington, DC): Link to position

  2. 🎓 Postdoc fellowship on machine learning for climate at Terrafuse (📍San Francisco, CA): Link to position

  3. 🎓 Multiple Associate Scientist positions at NCAR (📍College Park, MD): Link to positions

  4. 🎓 Multiple Research Scientist positions at CIRES (📍Boulder, CO): Link to positions

  5. 🎓 Postdoc position on sea level rise at GFDL with John P. Krasting (📍Princeton, NJ): Link to position

  6. 🎓 Postdoc position on understanding precipitation trends at GFDL with Tom Knutson (📍Princeton, NJ): Link to position

  7. 🎓 Postdoc position on MachineLearning of upper ocean turbulence at Scripps Institution of Oceanography with Nick Lutsko (📍La Jolla, CA): Link to position

  8. 📊 Research/Data Analyst at World Bank (📍Washington, DC): Link to position

  9. 📊 Research Assistant - Soil Carbon Monitoring at Woodwell Climate (📍Falmouth, MA): Link to position

  10. 📊 Catastrophe Risk GIS Analyst Co-op at Liberty Mutual Insurance (📍Remote): Link to position

c. Managing/Lead positions:

  1. 🏢 Multiple Water Resources Data Managers at Amazon: Link to positions at 📍San Francisco,CA; 📍Seattle, WA; 📍Washington, DC; 📍Columbus, OH; and 📍Hermiston, OR

  2. 🏢 Water Stewardship Lead at Google (📍San Francisco, CA or New York, NY or Washington, DC): Link to position

  3. 🏢 Senior Program Officer, Climate Adaptation and Agricultural Development at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (📍Seattle, WA): Link to position

  4. 🛰️ People Lead at Development Seed (📍Washington, DC or EST remote): Link to position

  5. 🛰️ Director of Engineering at Atlas AI (📍Palo Alto, CA): Link to position

  6. 🛰️ Multiple manager positions (i.e. product, data, demand, and market forecast) at Descartes Labs (📍Remote, US): Link to positions

📚📖 Useful Resources:

  1. 💻📝 A comprehensive repository of short courses on Google Earth Engine by Qiusheng Wu (@qgiswqs on Twitter). An amazing free online resource for advancing your geospatial data analysis skills: Youtube Link

  2. 📝 Here is a link to a great article by Susan Su explaining how to switch to a climate-focused career and advices/resources for learning, connecting, and staying active.

  3. 📝 Here is the link to an article I put together a few months ago on how to pursue a data science career in the geospatial field.

I declare no competing financial interests. This is a volunteer project and I have not received any financial incentives to advertise these jobs.

📨💡 Suggestions and feedbacks are highly appreciated! Feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn or Twitter. In the meantime, tell your friends and network!